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Mountain Poses in Knightsbridge

posted on Tuesday, 9th February 2010 | find under 

Harrods hosted a 'meet the experts day' on Thursday and in keeping with our Fit 4 Free theme we jumped at the chance to put on a demonstration. Thankfully our Fulham shop club coach Rosalia was also up for the challenge and agreed to do three Power Yoga demonstrations throughout the day. By the time we had arrived the floor was buzzing with experts everywhere. There were brand new products showcasing and we even managed to test an Indian/Swedish acupressure mat. The serene yoga music piped throughout the 5th floor marked the beginning of the show..and what an inspirational show it was. Rosalia brought the entire floor to a standstill and we were mesmorised by her agility and strength. Power Yoga is an amazing way to increase your flexibility and core muscles as well as helping to keep your calm and grounded.

Thank you to Harrods, our Harrods team and Rosalia for such a great day. If you would like to participate yourself, then the Monday night class in our Fulham shop is for you!


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