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Day 1: Your Mindfulness Goals

posted on Thursday, 28th August 2014 | find under Tamara, Fitness, Nutrition
At Sweaty Betty, your wellbeing is an integral part of the GetFit4Free campaign.  Taking a holistic approach to your emotional needs and building an awareness of ourselves and the world around us, a practice called mindfulness, is a great way to change how you think, feel and act. There are three challenges devised by Neom Organic’s mindfulness expert, Emma Mills. Get started by setting your goals for the next 30 days…

 Model wears the Virasana Yoga Bra

Set Your Goal (visualisation)

Take three-minutes to set out what you want to achieve in the 30 days of GetFit4Free. Visualising your performance and your goals works well because it trains your brain to act differently, and to expect winning results.
For best results practice every day:
1. Spend a few moments visualising or imagining what you want to have happen, your goal. If you find the idea of visualisation difficult, just have a little day dream about the wonderful things you’re aiming for.

2. Remind yourself why you’re taking part in GetFit4Free and why it's important to you.

3. Consider the next 30 days ahead. Are there any challenges or potential hurdles coming your way? See yourself overcoming them.

4. As you visualise, imagine yourself motivated and achieving the daily challenges every day.

5. Using your imagination, think about all the finer, most wonderful details of your personal goal. How you will look, feel and move when you achieve it? What will change in your life once you have achieved it?

6. Imagine the details of your success. If it is a diet and fitness goal, perhaps imagine how you’ll feel going about your day to day life; walking to work, how your clothes will fit and feel, how you'll feel about yourself when you’re socialising.

7. Notice the emotions and feelings you'll have once you have achieved your goal. Is it happiness, joy, confidence? Spend a little time at the end of the visualisation enjoying and considering that feeling.

8. Gently bring your thoughts back to the present moment and bring that good feeling into the rest of your day.
See the benchmarking challenge from day 1 today, then move onto day 2's challenge
Fitter Body Fitter Mind
By Anonymous - 5th October 2014
I will do this
By Anonymous - 20th September 2014
Just beginning...
Fitness Goal
By Mary Beam - 6th September 2014
I want to get fit, lose weight, build muscle and feel great!
By Anonymous - 1st September 2014
just do it
By Anonymous - 1st September 2014
just do it
By Anonymous - 1st September 2014
getting started
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By Lizzie - 1st September 2014
Be strong
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By Anonymous - 1st September 2014
Cancer and 45 have nothing on me! This is just what I needed.
The 30 Day Sweaty Challenge
By Lia - 31st August 2014
Looking forward to start the big body change tomorrow. Thank you Sweaty Betty. :-)
30 Days To A Fitter Me
By Anonymous - 31st August 2014
Better Diet To run faster Feel fitter Beach body fit
By Carol Little - 31st August 2014
All Mine
By RoJo - 30th August 2014
Fitter Sexier Me
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