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Meet the models: Sweaty Betty in Rio

posted on Tuesday, 12th January 2016 | find under Tamara, Behind the Scenes
When selecting which models to showcase the new Flying the British Flag collection it was vital to capture the energetic spirit of Brazil’s most vibrant city. Brazilian-born, fluent in Portuguese and masters of effortless style, models Karol Santos and Aline Fernandes were chosen by Tamara to showcase this season’s statement designs. ‘Karol has such a traditionally sexy Brazilian look’, says Tamara ‘while Aline bought a sophisticated, surfer girl edge to the shoot’.

In true Sweaty Betty style this season’s models are as fit as they are fashion-forward. Balancing high-energy boxing training with daily meditation, Karol thinks of fitness as a way of life that keeps her healthy and happy. Aline divides her time between modelling and teaching yoga, which Tamara states ‘made her the ideal choice for performing challenging poses throughout the city’. Sweaty Betty caught up with these Brazilian beauties to find out about their workout regimes, wardrobe heroes and more. 

sweaty betty meet the models flying the british flag
1. Karol wears the Resistance Workout Bra and Stability 3/4 Leggings 2. Karol wears the Selva Luxe Coat and Kinetic 7/8 Leggings

What is the weekly workout you look forward to most?

A: Lately I’ve been in a running groove. I’m obsessed with feeling alive and full of power. 

K: My day is not complete without meditation. 

What is your ideal way to spend a Sunday morning?

A: Sundays are all about being outside and playing. I love to exercise in nature, go for brunch then end the day with a nice movie. 

K: Having brunch with friends in my favourite restaurant: Gjelina in Venice Beach, California. I consider LA my second home.   

What is your fondest memory of Brazil?

A: Hanging out at the beach club during the Sweaty Betty shoot. There weather was hot, the sunset was beautiful, everyone was swimming in the ocean and I was lucky enough to see a shooting star! 

K: I was born and raised in Brazil, so all my childhood memories took place in Brazil. I loved every single day. 

sweaty betty in rio meet the models
1. Aline wears the Passe Dance Unitard 2. Aline wears the Natha Yoga L/S Top, Mukha Yoga Cami and Contour Printed Workout Leggings

Name your current wardrobe hero.

A: My pair of sky blue Redleys (sneakers made in Rio since the 80s).
K: My Chanel handbag.
Jeans or leggings?

A: Both. And bikinis!
K: Leggings.
Green juice or coffee?

A: Green juice with spirulina.
K: Green juice.
Beach or mountain?

A: Beach forever
K: As a Brazilian I have to say the beach.
What is your guilty vice?

A: Chocolate.
K: Watermelon Caipirinhas.
Learn more about the behind-the-scenes highlights from the Spring Summer 16 shoot and go behind the scenes with Sweaty Betty in Rio.Then shop the Flying the British Flag collection today. #SweatYourStyle.
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