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Meet Janine George: The brains behind our bum-sculpting workout

posted on Thursday, 4th January 2018 | find under Fitness
New year, new rear. To help you get back on it we've designed the ultimate bum-sculpting super workout to create the perfect peach. The brains behind our workout? Janine George @missjaninegeorge. A Third Space Group Exercise Ambassador, Personal Trainer and former Miss Bikini Universe. Known for her high-energy, incredible body and Strength is Beauty philosophy, we caught up with her to talk all things fitness. 

janine bum sculpting
Janine (centre) wears the Homestraight Run Tank and Zero Gravity Leggings

Describe yourself in 3 words?

High energy, motivator, loving.

How did you become a trainer?

While preparing for my first bikini competition in 2014, I decided to do a PT course to support my training and really enjoyed it. It felt second nature to me, as I have always been active and trained at several gyms over the years.

How did you become Miss Bikini Universe?

I was inspired by my fellow trainers at the time who had experience of being on the stage. It took me a while to commit to the idea of competing but my PT encouraged me and I worked hard to achieve that goal. I would research all the organisations, attend shows, watch YouTube videos on how the bikini competitors posed and walked. I applied all that I learnt and executed to the best of my ability. I would encourage anyone who has the desire, to absolutely go for it, you have nothing to lose.
Favourite way to workout?

In the gym, on every machine, head phones on, music on blast, until I feel like leaving.

What is your bum-sculpting secret?

I  try and work my legs and glutes as often as I can, which can sometimes be 5-6 days a week. This is purely due to the frequency I teach and the love I have for training. I tend to get involved as much as possible in my classes and when I’m not teaching I target areas I may have neglected throughout the week.

If you could give one healthy January tip what would it be?

Make a concerted effort to stay on top of your nutrition. Start small, whether it be having a large freshly blended juice drink a day, with ingredients such as spirulina, kale, ginger, lemon to benefit from the natural protein and antioxidant sources. 
How do you stay motivated in winter?

I don’t associate my training to seasons as I am used to working out in all conditions. In fact I quite like the ceremony of layering up in the winter and getting out and moving. I don’t like idleness, therefore training for me is motivation in itself; you feel so empowered and energised afterwards, that it’s such a buzz and something to look forward to.

Any tips for a good morning routine?

It’s so important to rise in a calm and positive state, to align your thoughts towards achieving greatness  in whatever you do. 

What did you have for breakfast?

At home I  like to drink a pint of water, then have rye bread with honey and peanut butter, plus a black coffee. I always take my supplements too including Omega 3 and MSM. If I'm on the go, I usually just grab a quick protein shake.  

What item would we always find in your gym bag?

A bottle of water. It's so important to stay hydrated when you are working out, I try to have a few litres a day.

Guilty pleasure?

Graze Punchy Protein Nuts - I can eat the whole bag in one go.

Do you have any New Year's resolutions?

To make a positive impact on as many individuals as possible, in whatever I do.

Work out with Janine and try the bum-sculpting super workout here. Follow Janine @missjaninegeorge for more inspiration. 
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