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Kilomathon or "killer"mathon?! 9 days to go....

posted on Thursday, 4th March 2010 | find under Tamara, Fitness

9 days to go...and the adrenalin is in flow. The Team of Six which made the resolution to run this new race (26.2km) back In January is now a Team of One!! Which gives me all the more reason to be quaking in my trainers! Yet I feel strangely prepared, although I think my body may be worried to hear me say that...

OK so usually on Mother's Day, what's the norm? Big roast lunch with my mother and my children..in some lovely country pub with a roaring fire... this Sunday 14th March I may still be running by lunchtime. And if New York is anything to go by, all I was craving by the end of the race was a bottle of chocolate milk!

So why do I put myself through it? Well this time, I am raising money for one of our ex Betties Heather who used to work in our Soho shop whilst studying for her Masters. She returned to Canada but we heard she was going to Haiti to help mend a broken community. Any money I raise I would like Heather to have.....for herself, for whatever she needs it for, either whilst she is out there, or even when she returns home. I simply couldn't do what she is doing, so huge good luck to her (she flies tomorrow).

Final few training runs coming up, and tomorrow I will again be running with my new run-mate Nix. Can't begin to say how nice it is to run with someone...so I am hoping that come Sunday week I find a friend on the course to keep me company... my mother and one of my daughters will be there in Nottingham to spur me on so Mother's Day will just have a slightly different flavour this year..... x

shan on Kilomathon or "killer"mathon?! 9 days to go....
By shan - 28th September 2010
GO EMMA!!!!! It sounds like the match of the year --> Emma vs. The Kilomathon! You will fly across that finish line with ease, looking radient as ever. I'm only up to 4 miles here. small change in your league babes. Take care and good luck shan
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