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Jury Duty, Frame Studio and a Children's Range

posted on Friday, 1st April 2011 | find under Nutrition
Court Summons

I have spent the last 2 weeks doing jury service.  It was not top of my list of things to do at the time, what with trying to juggle childcare/work etc, but it is your duty as a citizen to do it (legally you can’t get out of it) and actually it turned out to be fascinating. It was a landmark case, one of "domestic slavery" and no one had been convicted of the charge before... and we sent the defendant down. I felt proud to have done my bit as a citizen, keeping society in order and seeing how effectively the jury system can work.

Tell you what though; it made me appreciate my job very much. It was fairly tortuous sitting in a court room all day, no windows, not moving from your chair, except for the odd break, concentrating on the minutiae of the case. Being there Monday to Friday, (I value my part time week more highly than anything else!!) and doing what the judge tells you to do (not used to that either!).

Frame Studio in Shoreditch

Fab studio in the east end that I went to last week. It is the antithesis of a normal gym ... No corporate stuffiness...  No Big biceped blokes in small vests hauling on huge weights... Just very good loud music, girls sitting around reading mags, waiting for their class to be called, classes which are named things like: ass and abs, vibe, quickie arms - no nonsense, powerful, strong - and then there are their 80's aerobics or Britney dance classes... Legwarmers, leotards and lipstick actively encouraged.

Absolutely loved it. I did a yin and yang yoga class which was great if a teeny bit disappointingly normal (no leg warmers, groovy outfits here... Appropriately serious and very calming).

Year 3 Homework

Just had a delightful time at my daughter's school, telling them about how we design sportswear.  They are currently studying the Greeks and the Olympics and their proactive sporty teacher asked me to come in.  The nicest thing about an audience of 8 yr olds is their unbridled enthusiasm, their desire to constantly ask questions and how interactive the whole experience is. I think the bit they liked the most was when I showed them some of our product which had more "unusual" properties e.g. I poured water onto one of our ski jackets and the water drops just bobbled off, without sinking in, or when I showed them a tight made from a tree (bamboo) or a swimsuit that is stretchy but has no lycra in it, so it won't go see through and out of shape because chlorine destroys Lycra, or a vest that is made on a machine that normally makes tights, so that we can achieve a seamless garment without seams that may irritate.

Their teacher is asking them to design an item of sportswear for a kid’s range of Sweaty Betty for their homework!  Do you think we should do a range for kids?!
Kids Range - Yes Please
By Liz - 11th November 2013
I really wanted to buy my sister and her daughter matching Bauhaus ski base layers … for Christmas Pres… it would be so fab to do something really cool for little ones …. Hope you do!
Kids Range
By Anonymous - 10th November 2011
Yes definitely PLEASE DO. In fact I'm looking for a pair of running shorts for my goddaughter right now and can't find any nice ones for an 8/9 year old anywhere.
Kids Range
By Anonymous - 5th April 2011
Or maybe a junior range?!
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