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Join me for an 'accidental' 10K run

posted on Sunday, 5th June 2011 | find under Nutrition

(image courtesy of Zest magazine)

Why accidental?  Well I've signed up for the Zest Big Girls' Adventure, on 26th June. Those of you who follow my blog would probably already know this (if so, I hope you've signed up for the fun).  Why the mistake?  Well the event includes running, cycling, kayaking, rock climbing and some other secret challenges.  It all takes place on a 10K course (which I thought meant in total) but have now found out it's a 10K run, plus all the other things!

But I'm loving it. I'd never have thought I could do a 10K just 6 months after giving birth.  I hadn't run since I was about 16 weeks pregnant and by the last month, walking was uncomfortable.  Then there was the post natal anaemia, which made me feel like I'd lost half my lungs, not to mention two months of sitting on my backside whilst feeding, feeding, feeding!

Yet here I am, having just returned from a fantastic training run. My friend and team mate Louise and I are now up to 8k, which feels challenging, but a real achievement,  And at least now we feel like we’ll make the course! 

My motivation is remembering how incapacitated I felt when I was pregnant. To be running free through Epping Forest is pretty exhilarating.

There are still spaces left for the event.  And it’s the sort of event you can do as a race or just muddle through for the fun of it.  There’ll be a fitness park and goodie bags and the event takes place in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside and the location of the Olympic kayaking.

Sign up via Zest’s website: Zest’s Big Girls’ Adventure

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