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Introducing the #fitin5 two-week challenge

posted on Friday, 12th July 2013 | find under Tamara, Fitness
As part of our exclusive Guest Instructor Programme, the founder of Hiitgirl Susan Dyson hosted an intensive workout at our Kings Road boutique on Thursday July 11. In order to involve all of you in the action even if you couldn’t attend the event, we collaborated with Hiitgirl to create the video #fitin5, where Susan leads a short but sweet workout session using Hiitgirl moves that deliver results.

This five-minute, high-intensity workout has been designed to quickly increase fitness levels with short and sharp bursts of exercise that continue to burn calories for up to 24 hours afterwards. The workout is based on natural movement patterns such as lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling and twisting. Combined with kickass intensity and energising music, the results come quickly.

Interested? Here's the challenge: watch the video and do the #fitin5 workout once a day, every day for fourteen days. We'd like you to share your results and where you work out for a chance to win some Sweaty Betty fit kit! 

To enter the competition, simply let us know where you’re working out – whether by Tweet, Facebook post, InstagramPinterest pin or comment below– with the hashtag #fitin5. The competition runs from Friday July 12 to Friday July 26.

The winner gets £150 in Sweaty Betty kit and an exclusive one-on-one session with Susan Dyson at her London-based studio (You must be able to make your own way to London. For American entrants, the award is $250).

At the Support Office and in boutiques, we're busy practising what we preach. We're doing the #fitin5 video every morning as part of the challenge, and sharing our PBs as we go along.

Are you up for Hiit?
One More Day To Complete My #Fitin5
By Anonymous - 27th July 2013
I've been doing the #fitin5 at Anytime Fitness in West Lebanon, NH. My scores are slighly up and my execution is better on all exercises. Thanks for a routine I can accomplish.
By Paula Mohin - 18th July 2013
On day 4 and it is great have done it at training with my girls at the gym and garden.
Ready To Take On Challenge!
By PQUIN - 17th July 2013
Just finished first pass....wow - what a workout. Looking forward to seeing how I do come day 14!
Never Too Late To Get Fit In 5 ...
By Sweaty Betty - 15th July 2013
If you've just come across the challenge, don't worry about the start date. Just commit to doing the five-minute workout once a day, every day for fourteen days. Don't forget to let us know where you do it and how you get on. Good luck!
By Shan Carver - 15th July 2013
Love to get involved!
Yoga Instructor
By Anonymous - 14th July 2013
London parks
By debbie west - 14th July 2013
Am I too late to start the challenge?
By Paula Mohin - 13th July 2013
Looking forward to it and I will introduce it to my O-fit girls to see what they think. Paula
By NINA JOZWIN - 13th July 2013
I am working out at Witney Leisure centre. Oxfordshire.......
By Nik - 13th July 2013
Greens xfitin5
Sounds Like An Awesome Challenge.
By Jacquie ONeill - 12th July 2013
I'm just about to embark on 7 days of Juicing, so this sounds like the perfect workout to go with it :-)
By Anonymous - 12th July 2013
Can't wait to get started!
Day 1
By LucyT - 12th July 2013
Air squats - 30 Heel touch run - 65 Press-ups - 25 (full) Burpees - 40 Plank jumps - 75
By Anonymous - 12th July 2013
I would like to participate in your competition! I have told my friends that Sweaty Betty is coming to the US, and we are awaiting your arrival with the same eager anticipation that the world awaits the Royal birth. Just trying to put into perspective how happy we are that you will be opening in the States.
By Nic Slater - 12th July 2013
I'm signing up from Ilkley, West Yorkshire and I'm doing it in my back yard whilst the weather is good!
Loving A New Challenge
By Anonymous - 12th July 2013
i am so looking of r a new challenge! And i travel often so this would be perfect!
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