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How to Create a Frame Rave in 6 Simple Steps

posted on Friday, 4th October 2013 | find under Tamara, Fitness
After a month of raving in the office, in-store and at home, the Sweaty Betty team are ready to call ourselves experts on getting fit 4 free. Even though the weekly in-store classes have come to a close, the virtual workouts are still available. So, we've created a how-to guide for creating a perfect Frame Rave in 6 Simple Steps...

1. Get together a group of friends who are ready to sweat.

2. Don your fluoro Sweaty Betty Athlete Vest.

3. Wait for darkness. Close curtains/ blinds/ make sure you have dark space.

4. Unwrap and snap your glowsticks. Activate your strobelight if you have one.

5. Start the Sweaty Betty Frame Rave video and turn up loud - very loud.

6. Get your rave on.
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