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Hopes and Dreams SOS

posted on Friday, 8th January 2010 | find under 

WHAT a week!

I'd been all set to write the first installments of my amazing goal setting blogs until life got in the way:

  • It snowed - my routine was interfered with;
  • I'd had a lovely Christmas break and it didn't feel right getting back to work;
  • I was feeling decidedly rusty - nothing flows quite the same; and then
  • I got bogged down with a few of those zero patience, hormonal days.

So I'm feeling a little out of sorts!

It reached it's peak when I sprayed my favourite, once a year only, home-made, Christmas soup all over the kitchen (Vesuvius style); compounded the irritation by burning my mouth on the soup; and then 30 minutes later discovered I'd left the hob on!


So Betties, I could have very easily surrendered this first official week of 2010 to chocolate eating and iPhone Scrabble, but what about the bigger picture? What happens when you've got your huge 2010 plans all laid out and something gets in the way? 

It could be an out of sorts, hormonal day; a rejection letter from a job you really wanted; an injury that stops you from training; or perhaps even an unfortunate slip up with a large, creamy, marshmallowy, hot chocolate on a snowy afternoon!

The thing is, blips and bad days don't matter.  A moment of weakness or self-pity alone can't mess up all of your plans. But choosing to dwell in the self-pity for weeks and months can.  How can we avoid the pitfalls of life getting in the way?

So here's goal setting number one. I'm going to call it your Hopes and Dreams SOS:

Once you've got your BIG 2010 goals all written down (and I know you've got them all written down haven't you?), break them down in to smaller steps.  Really little steps.  Itty bitty ones.  So that you can see progress every day.  If stuff happens (which it undoubtedly will) it will be much easier to stay on track.

And then ... and this is the REALLY important bit.  Focus on the positive stuff you've done.  It's so easy to slip into a mindset of, "but I didn't do this," or, "I should have called this person."  Get into the habit of recognising what small steps you have taken towards your big goals EVERY DAY. 

And if you still need a little help with setting and writing down your goals, I'll be here to help you out with that next week.


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