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Himalayan Salts

posted on Tuesday, 16th November 2010 | find under 

NOW I have to confess that since discovering Himalayan Salts, I have become totally addicted. From rock salt lamps that give my living room (and nursery-to-be) a beautiful warm, orange glow as well as absorbing nasties from the telly and computers, to filling my salt grinder with beautiful pinky, orange crystals, I can't stop raving about them.

But perhaps the best thing about these magic salts is the way they can transform a humble evening soak in the tub to a pain relieving, skin soothing spa treatment (candles and plinkety music optional).

This week I was writing about at home injury prevention and first aid for joints and I finally discovered how these magic bath salts work. Through a process of osmosis, the salts draw out euric acid from your body (this is the acid that builds up around stiff, sore joints that can add to joint pain).  Now you need to have the bath almost too hot to handle and have a pretty salty solution in there but the results are always pain relieving and sound sleep inducing. They are brilliant post workout - and if that weren't enough, salt baths are brilliant for dry, itchy skin conditions too.

Bath salts and other goodies are available from www.himalayancrystalsalts.co.uk and start from £5.50 for a 600g tub.

Oh and a note from a very pregnant blogger about these salt baths - they work a treat on sore hips and pelvis pain although it's important not to have the bath too hot if you're a mummy-to-be.

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