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Fun at the Vitality Show

posted on Friday, 25th March 2011 | find under Nutrition

SO I've got lots to update you with today because I made it out to the Vitality Show yesterday.  Not only was it a great day, meeting some inspiring and interesting people but it marked the first proper day out without my little tot. I left Isaac at home with Daddy and headed off for Earls Court 2.

First stop and definitely worth a mention was the Food Lovers Fair, where I got very excited about Chocolate and Love (www.chocolateandlove.com).  They sell fairly traded, gourmet chocolate.  After sampling everything (need the energy for breastfeeding!) I decided on the 55% cocoa with cacao pieces 'Crushed Diamonds'. Absolutely delicious! If you're going to have chocolate, trying to get in those brilliant antioxidants, make it good stuff.  Chocolate and Love also sell Consious Chocolate's raw chocolate, which not only tastes nice (a rare thing for raw chocolate in my experience), but which is sweetened with blue agave nectar (cactus syrup) and no sugar creating a slower release of energy, making it great for us fitness types.

Next up after the chocolate (I lingered a while) was Nak'd bars (www.eatnakd.com).  If you haven't tried these yet then I'd thoroughly recommend that you do. They are made from dried fruit and nuts squished together, providing a no sugar sweet hit which won't mess up your energy levels like sweeties.  If you have a sweet tooth like me you know that alternatives like this are a great find. I came home with a stash of gingerbread, cashew and pecan varieties. Although it was here I discovered that I'd left some brain cells at home with my son ... "errr ... 21 ... that's 3 lots of 7 ... right?"  Doh!

But it wasn't all chocolate and sweet treats.  I also went and found Sweaty Betty's own Danielle Collins for a 20 minute face yoga treat.  Danielle is such a fun, engaging, knowledgeable presenter.  If you've yet to try one of her sessions then I'd thoroughly recommend that you seek her out!  Having been a little sleep deprived of late, the exercises gave my face a real lift and it was pretty funny sitting in the middle of Earls Court pulling lots of silly faces!

I also met the lovely Joanna Hall at the show (www.joannahall.com).  I'm going to try out one of her new walking courses soon.  Joanna and her team run the courses at various health spas and towns across the UK. There are also time trials in London so you can check out your progress.  Many women have lost inches from the 14 day courses so I'm excited to find out what it's all about.

And my final highlight, which is perhaps my favourite because it's a pink fitness gadget/item of clothing (what isn't there to love) is my new pair or Xtenex trainer laces (Xtenex available in the UK at www.matchfitsports.co.uk).  The groovy little laces, which look like elastic bands with lots of knots create the perfect tension in your trainers and never need to be done up!  Genius! Especially at the moment, since for my to get out for a run literally means as soon as Isaac is fed and my husband is home I throw on my kit and run out of the door like a mad woman - and I'm sure I look like a mad woman once I'm out too!  So any time saving device is brilliant news.  I also tend to get pressure pain on my in-step from my traditional laces so I'm really excited about giving them a try.

For those of you going to the show over the weekend, have a great time and do share your highlights with me.  I'll be updating you on all of the above in due course but for now, kick back and enjoy Spring.

Karen x

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