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Blank canvas: Make a fresh start, any time of the year

posted on Wednesday, 2nd December 2015 | find under Fitness

As the New Year approaches, mulled wine gets muddled in with the smoothies and workouts join a growing holiday season to-do list, Sweaty Betty is on hand to help you press the reset button. Of course, the New Year is not the only opportunity to reassess your goals and lifestyle to help you become the happiest and healthiest version of yourself. These five steps will help you make a fresh start when you need it most.

Sweaty Betty Blank Canvas

Achieve an unsurpassed sense of clarity, wherever you are and whenever you need it most

Holistic lifestyle cleanse

Before you can start making life and fitness goals, it’s important to get rid of anything that doesn’t fit into your aspirations and may be holding you back. On a fashion level, this is the time to finally remove those once-white-now-yellow trainers from the back of your closet. On a lifestyle level, reassess any responsibilities you feel towards people who knock down your confidence. Instead, give greater priority to those who support you most. This will open up space in your everyday routine to let new light in and clear the way towards those goals and ambitions.

Revive your fitness routine

A good workout can be far better than a strong coffee to awaken your senses and fill you with energy. There’s still time to try some of the latest fitness trends or take on a new weekly class. Our Get Fit 4 Free videos are a great place to start, with the latest campaign bringing you a feel-good dance cardio workout you can do anywhere. Look out for a new boxing workout by one of London’s most luxurious fitness studios in the New Year. After something especially adventurous? Check out our guide to taking up an extreme sport and pave the way to positive thinking with a surge of adrenaline. 

Connect mind and body

Consider whether your workouts are beneficial to your mind as well as your body. If your life is particularly fast-paced, try something that turns the focus inwards. Whether it’s an extra yoga practice a week, or a dance class that challenges you physically as well as improving your rhythm and coordination, taking the time to stimulate your mind in new ways may trigger ideas and aspirations you never knew existed.

Find time for play

Make room for a bit of fun. If there’s one thing the festive season does, it reminds us to find joy and light in our lives. From attending Christmas fairs to decorating the house to playing games with family, life becomes just a little less serious and those everyday worries melt into the background. Try to preserve this feeling. There is countless evidence that increased laughter reduces stress levels and even enhances wellbeing by boosting your immune system, boosting blood flow and protecting your heart. So let your sense of humour reign and you’ll be in the best possible position to tackle challenges along the way. 

Dress to impress (yourself)

Retail therapy is serious business. When you love what you wear, you’re more likely to look and feel confident in your own skin. Among Sweaty Betty’s most feel-good styles are the bum-sculpting Zero Gravity Run Leggings and super soft Flow Line Base Layers. When you need a boost that extends beyond your workout, the Sports Luxe capsule collection is designed to instill individual style into every outfit. So now you can fully picture yourself at the finish line. And you’ve never looked better!

Your clean slate starts here, and there’s no stopping you. Don’t forget to share your favourite success stories along your personal active living adventure with @sweatybetty on Twitter and Instagram.

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