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Fit for purpose

posted on Sunday, 20th December 2009 | find under Nutrition

On a dancefloor last night in the wee small hours I looked around to see who was left (we had been dancing for 3 hours at this point, after a live band had played a full set). It was then that the penny dropped about this fitness business. Whilst many others had gone home exhausted when the clock struck midnight, the last few of us all had something in common beyond a love of Michael Jackson. We are all pretty fit in our own way. I counted an ex-pro sportsman (celebrating the grand age of 50, it was his party!), 3 marathon runners, a gym bunny and me (a willing and ever-improving participant). Obvious maybe, but this realisation last night made me ever determined to hit the road again this morning, even after only 5 hours sleep and a significant chill factor! Being fit makes everything seem more achievable, more enjoyable and more rewarding. My cold start soon rid me of any hangover and I enjoyed an hour of running and smiling about what a fun night we had all had. A year ago when I couldn't have run for the bus, I would have been tucked up in bed before well before the die-hards. Now I think I am one - what a difference a year makes?!

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