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Bring on 2011 at Sweaty Betty!

posted on Friday, 4th February 2011 | find under 
A few months before my big move to London from my little humble abode in the beautiful South Africa, I really started to become more aware of my fitness. Living with a step father that is a competing South African power lifter was always a big motivation. Eating right and making sure you are perfecting your composure in your exercise was a daily routine for him and this slowly started to rub off on me. So the best way to become a part of this, I thought, was to work for a gym. This was the best move of my life. Not long into it and I was not only feeling fantastic, I was starting to notice the difference to my body shape and there is no better achievement , as cliché as it is, that to fit into that little black dress and feel awesome!

But unfortunately, after my move to London, my routine slowly and surely fell out of place. Over a year had passed and I felt awful. Now I have never been one to be about what you look like - it is always about how you feel, and that was just not how I wanted to feel. And the sad thing was I working in a gym again! So my little inner voice kicked me hard, and I started to take full advantage of having all the tools I needed to get back into feeling strong and fit. I made it my life. I made it a priority. And once I changed this, everything else in my life started to become better. My body noticeably started changing shape again and I had never felt better. And 2 years on, I am still there!

The thing is, people generally have a bad image when it comes to gym, but all you need to do is find the right one with the activities that you enjoy, and you have it made easy. With so many innovations and more challenging and exciting ways to meet any exercise goal, there really is no excuse to give your body the attention it craves. And deserves.

I have recently started working for Sweaty Betty and this has tremendously added onto the importance of having a regular exercise routine, no matter what your exercise of choice is. In all my years of training, I have always been one of those to put on the oldest clothes I can find to train in. The gym was just a place for me to sweat it out and not be worried about what I look like while doing it. But since I have started wearing Sweaty Betty, my mind set has changed. After my first workout in Sweaty Betty gear, not only did I get some glances from the eye catching Ejecta Vest I was wearing, I felt the difference in my training. I had never realised the importance of training in clothing with the correct fabric for your activity. Looking back, I remember big embarrassing sweat marks under my arms on that loose fitting cotton T shirt - disaster Becs! With the technicality of the fabrics that Sweaty Betty live by, there is no need to worry about being uncomfortable, and I have realised this now more than ever that is so important when focusing on your training.

(find out more about our fabrics here)

And not only have Sweaty Betty managed to provide the best fabric, they have nailed the hammer on the head when it comes to looking and feeling amazing before you have even hit the gym. Femininity + Performance? Achieved. I have never had women come up to me and ask me where I get my gym attire from until I started sporting my Dynamic Leggings in spinning, to my Retreat Tee in Yoga. Loving it.

And with all the Get Fit 4 Free activities that Sweaty Betty hold for women, there really are no more reasons needed to get involved! I am so excited to be a part of Sweaty Betty in 2011. With the amazing pieces in the latest Spring Collection to just be released and with our recent Best Single Brand Etailer Award for 2011, not only do I look forward to my work with them, but I can’t wait to get shopping and get training!

And watch this space for further blogs from me about our awesome days in the Customer Care office at Sweaty Betty!


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