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Back to the Front of Class

posted on Tuesday, 12th April 2011 | find under Nutrition
WOW it's been a busy few weeks.  The last time I posted we felt like we were in the depths of winter.  Now I have the teensiest of sun tans on my face to help disguise the pallor of sleep deprivation!

Last Tuesday saw my momentous return to the PIlates studio.  A slightly bigger version of me squeezed into my Sweaty Betty Pilates gear ready to take my first Mums & Babies Pilates class and my first class in Epping since moving here last year. So Isaac came along too and I'm pleased to say he was the perfect model.  It all felt a bit hectic with quite a few young babies in varying stages of hunger/teething pain/ tiredness/needing a nappy change but it was lovely to get my body moving, my brain working and to hopefully share some Pilates wisdom and movement with some new mums.

I'll be getting an evening class started soon, also in Epping and I have to say, I've never been more excited to be getting back to work. We really feel settled here in Epping now so it feels great to get stuck into the community.  Teaching again also gives me a chance to be me, rather than just Isaac's mummy, which is good for both of us.

The combination of getting back to teaching and trying my first Zumba class on Saturday with the lovely Liz in Loughton (www.lizhigginbottom.com) has got me all motivated to get back into shape. And yes I'm ashamed to say it's taken me far too long to get my tushy into a Zumba class. If the truth be told I'm sure that the sunshine and the fact that I'm finally getting a bit more quality sleep has also helped the motivation.  Whilst I didn't put on too much weight during pregnancy, I do feel very out of shape and my body feels sluggish so I'm going to be stepping it up, little by little.  I've been getting the kettlebells out in the garden and may even try the local buggy fit class on Thursday.

I had another really exciting development on the work front today too.  After this morning's Pilates class I headed to Loughton to meet with the lovely Becky who owns Bababoom, a one stop community shop all about pregnancy and newborns.  To cut a long story short, I'm going to be teaching some courses of pre and post natal Pilates in the Loughton store on Tuesday evenings, another great opportunity to get teaching in the community and all after Isaac has gone to sleep so I don't have to miss out on him.

For more information on all of my classes check out my website www.klhfitness.co.uk

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