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Asia review!

posted on Wednesday, 20th July 2011 | find under Nutrition
We got back from Japan last Monday and it's been non stop since then so apologies for not updating you! It was a successful trip for me with lots of learning experiences.....
Our training camp at the JIS was fantastic. The facilities were amazing! The food hall was fabulous. You take a tray and pick up several one portion sized foods and all their nutritional values are listed so you can choose a meal most appropriate for you. There was much to chose from! The JIS buildings were enormous! Our hall alone was over double the size of a standard sports hall in England! We trained there for a few days an then caught a train back to a hotel next to the airport and flew to China the next day.
China was totally different from Japan. There was construction everywhere and in general the people were not as friendly as they were in Japan. We had our first training session the day after we arrived and had access to a swimming pool back at the hotel. The hotel was very grand! Consisting of 23 floors and huge rooms, there were also a couple of shops, function rooms, 2 restaurants and some leisure facilities. The warm ups went well though I felt more and more tired each day! The comp was on the Saturday- and unfortunately was not a good day for me as I landed on the side on move 4 of our synchro routine. Not a great start- but at least I had a second chance in Japan.
We flew back to Japan very early on the Monday morning. The whole team weren't feeling very well, lots of bad upset tummies and sickness. I did not feel well either and was rather embarrassed after passing out o the plane!! The upset tums and sickness lasted right the way through until we left Japan for the fligth home. Training was good in Japan, and I also had some good news that I was allowed to compete in the Individual competition as a guest aswell as my synchro. I was initially in Asia purely for synchro as I was injured last year when the scores started to be collected. I felt very excited as this is what I train full time for and I was looking forward to utilising the opportunity! Strangely I felt more nervous than I normally would and I was up first to compete.
Despite this I was so pleased with how I did. I got three personal bests- my set score, vol score and my set flight time. I also found out later that my score would have put me in third position going into the final! I couldnt have asked more of myself!
My synchro partner and I also did well and finished 3rd in the synchro finals!! We were really pleased with that!
The fligth home was very long- not helped by a flat tyre when we got back to the car! Nevermind!Q We did get back safely and I think now I am finally over the tiredness! Looking forward to competing in the Britih Championships this weekend at the NIA in Birmingham.

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