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5 reasons to workout outdoors

posted on Thursday, 17th November 2016 | find under Fitness
Need to change your workout routine? Don’t want to spend all of winter indoors? Well we have news for you: outdoor workouts are the way forward, yes, even in the season of hygge. Here are our top reasons to get your sweat on outside...

5 reasons to workout outdoors
Model wears the Intensify Merino Seamless Top, Lateral Run Leggings and Luxe Knitted Beanie
Mighty merinos

Make outdoors workouts a breeze with our temperature-regulating superhero fabric - merino. This ultra-fine wool is quick drying when you sweat, yet protects against the cold, ensuring that it's the perfect partner for outdoor workouts. It is also breathable, absorbs odour and feels amazing meaning you may develop an urge to wear it outside of exercise. Choose from leggings, tops and beanies in this super soft blend. We love the Intensify Merino Seamless Top and matching Intensify Leggings.
Don’t worry, be happy

Research from the University of Michigan has proven that there is a clear connection between time spent outdoors and reduced stress. Fresh air also helps release serotonin, the feel-good brain chemical also found in chocolate - leading to improved mood and wellbeing.
More gain, less pain

‘Tis the season of mince pies, prosecco and parties. As much as we’re all about balance, it’s always a positive to know that you work harder when you exercise outside.  The resistance from the wind burns more calories when running or cycling, plus, uneven surfaces and slopes use different muscles to a traditional treadmill for extra burn.
Whenever, wherever

You never have to travel out of your way, wait in a queue or book into a class for an outdoor workout. All you need is trainers and the right kit and you’re good to go. Swap the bus home for a brisk run, try a Saturday morning cycle or try a 20-minute workout in your garden. Plus parks are full of free things that will help you tone muscle. They are home to a wide range of objects that can double-up as exercise equipment. Take a park bench – you can try tricep dips or step-ups. 
Embrace the base layer

Don’t want to save your seamless base layers just for the ski slopes? An outdoor workout may be your answer. Wear the Mountain Top Seamless Top with black leggings for running, the quick-drying fabric will keep you warm and dry, or try the Scandi Seamless Leggings with a plain top. Disclaimer: the bright print and technical fabric may motivate you to run further.
Embrace the outdoor workout movement with our full range of merino styles, shop new arrivals today for new leggings, exclusive prints, cosy knits and more. 
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