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10 tips for a perfect yoga practice at home

posted on Thursday, 9th June 2016 | find under Fitness
Whether you’re an aspiring yogi or a stretch pro, finding the time to practice can be a challenge. Don’t want to miss out? Sweaty Betty ambassador and yoga teacher to the Harlequins Rugby Team, Charlie Morgan says create your own yoga studio at home. Whether you’re on holiday or too busy to head to the studio, here are her top 10 tips for a perfect practice.
charlie morgan at home yoga practice  Charlie and Chip practice at home in the Makarasana Yoga Unitard

The Practice

1. Wear comfortable clothing. When you’re buying yoga clothes look for soft and high stretch fabrics that are going to move with the body. As yoga is a low-impact sport you should invest in a seamless bra, I love the Brahma Padded Bra worn with the Urdhva Reversible Leggings. These are so comfortable, plus being reversible you can choose between a cool tropical print (my favourite) or black.

2. Find the perfect place in your home to practice and ensure it is warm, you don’t want to be distracted by getting cold mid-way through a downward dog.

3. Practice on a good mat, which doesn't allow your hands or feet to slip. I use the Super Grip Yoga Mat as it has a specially designed grip to ensure you stay in place.
4. Make sure your routine includes a good warm up, a deep stretch and a few sun salutations. Aim to leave the mat feeling completely refreshed.

5. Now for the best bit the savasana, allow at least 5 minutes at the end for the perfect savasana and try and check out from the world. Overactive mind? See my tips below.
The Savasana 

6. Find somewhere where you won't be disturbed, if your dog/child/husband comes in and disturbs you this will ruin that relaxed sensation.

7. Put on some relaxing music – this can be anything from classical to contemporary. I recently taught a class where the yogis zoned out to Let it Be by The Beatles.

8. Turn the lights out and light a scented candle, I like lavender based scents.

9. After building up a sweat you may get cold during savasana, so wrap up nice and warm with a cosy blanket or throw on a soft cover up like the Akasha Tunic Top.

10. Place a lavender scented eye mask on your face to completely block out the world and relax for five minutes with no interruptions.
Feeling inspired? Discover Sweaty Betty’s range of reversible, opaque and beautiful yoga clothing here. Find out more about Charlie on Charlie MorganYoga.com.
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