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10 fitness classes with the coolest music

posted on Tuesday, 11th August 2015 | find under 

Any fitness studio worth its salt knows that a good beat is paramount to a good workout. That’s why #TeamSB has personally tested these groove-worthy workouts to ensure you have an all-singing all-dancing good time. 


Sweaty Betty Groove Edit

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1. Psycle, London

Psycle’s spin instructors double as DJs as they throw down some of the coolest beats in the capital. Lose yourself in the music as you go from up-tempo speed tracks to soul-searching high-resistance numbers.

2. Xtend Barre, Worldwide

Popular across the US and new to London, Xtend Barre combines classical ballet-style strength training with contemporary music you can't help but sing along to. Just what you need to get through the last set of plié pulses.

3. CyC Fitness, NYC

This NoHo spin studio is king of the remix. #TeamSB loves the instructor Natalie, who is known for delivering classing RnB tunes in refreshing new mash-ups. You’re guaranteed to bounce in your seat.

4. Fhitting Room HIIT, NYC

Famed for full-body interval workouts, these HIIT sessions demand a strong beat to maintain your motivation throughout. Every instructor brings their own personality to the soundtrack - #TeamSB loves Eric and Simon, who will feature everything from Taylor Swift and Major Lazer to LL Cool J and R Kelly in as single session.

5. Exceed Physical Culture, NYC

Choreographed to the music, Exceed workouts are cleverly timed to push you harder through every conditioning track. One Sweaty Betty staffer on the ground is still feeling the results of a kettlebell goblet squat made all the more challenging by having to keep up with the ‘up and down’ lyrics of Moby Flower’s ‘Bring Sally Up’.

6. Earth Yoga, NYC

For a yoga studio, the music at Earth Yoga is refreshingly up tempo and on trend. Sweaty Betty ambassador and studio owner Yanti is always updating her playlist with the latest hits. Most recently, the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack even featured during a series of sun salutations.
7.  Y7 Yoga, NYC

Another yoga studio with an alternative soundtrack, Y7 incorporates freestyle yoga with 5-7 minutes of hip hop, old school rap and throwback songs to inspire your independent practice. The result? A free-spirited ambience that reminds you to relax and have a little fun with your workout.

8. SoulCycle, US

You can’t talk groove-worthy workouts without naming SoulCycle. The leading US boutique spin chain, with a cult following that books weeks in advance to secure their 6am spot, promises the closest thing to a rave-on-a-bike. 

9. Frame Shoreditch, London

If you have music in your blood and rhythm in your feet, Frame Shoreditch is the workout destination for you. With dedicated dance workshops that teach you choreography to the latest chart-toppers and some throwback hits, you can expect to sweat out your sins and learn some new club night moves in the process.

10. Body By Simone, NYC & LA

Leave it to professional dancers to show you how to feel the rhythm and move to the beat. Body By Simone’s talented trainers will take you through 60 minutes of high-energy cardio and high-rep conditioning sequences to the tune of undiscovered remixes guaranteed to redefine your personal playlists. Londoners, now is your chance to give it a go. Studio founder Simone De La Rue has teamed up with Sweaty Betty for the upcoming #GetFit4Free campaign this September – find out more here.


Sweaty Betty Dance Statement

Karis wears the Pirouette Dance Cami, Count Crop Dance Vest and To The Beat Dance Leggings

Which studios entice you back time and time again with their killer soundtracks? We want to hear how you love to get grooving – show us your moves on Twitter and Instagram.

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